Welcome to Falling Feather Outdoors

Welcome to Falling Feather Outdoors

Welcome to Falling Feather OutdoorsWelcome to Falling Feather OutdoorsWelcome to Falling Feather Outdoors

About Us



Falling Feather Outdoors is located in the waterfowl rich delta of N.E. Arkansas. Our lodge is in Delaplaine, Arkansas and is surrounded by thousands of acres of rice, soybeans, and corn. Millions of Mallards, Pintails, Gadwall, Teal, Snow geese, Specklebelly geese, along with other puddle ducks, use this area as their winter home. This area of Arkansas is a waterfowler's paradise!  



We offer fully guided duck and goose hunts.  Transportation to and from Hunting location.  Along with your hunt, we also provide three meals and lodging at our FFO lodge each day for our customers.  



Why should your group come to Falling Feather Outdoors? You are not just another name on a calendar for us. We strive to not only make your waterfowl dreams a reality, but to make lifelong friends with our customers. Below is a typical 24 hour day with us. 

Your group arrives at camp around 2:00 pm the day before your hunt. We get your things placed into your rooms, and we hit the road. We like for our clients to tag along in the afternoon as we scout our hunting grounds that stretch over 45 miles of N.E. Arkansas. After we locate the best feed of the afternoon, we will sit on them until dark and enjoy the show from a comfortable distance away. Then, off to the lodge to enjoy some good food and fellowship along with some hunting stories.  The next morning we will hunt until we fill your limit, or until the 12:00 pm cutoff time (FYI, during freezing temps this may not apply.) After the hunt has been called for the day, we will take pictures and pack up. We will head back to the lodge to eat lunch, clean, and package birds. Then, we are off to find where the best opportunity for our hunters are for the next days hunt.

VERY IMPORTANT!!!!  Although most of our hunts are morning hunts, there are times when we will have lunch brought to our location, and the hunt will continue through mid-afternoon. We are going to do everything we can to get your birds. 


What to bring

*Waders and knee boots

*Camo clothing. I always suggest bringing something that is waterproof along on your trip. Our weather here is very unpredictable. 

*Shotgun- Preferably 12 gauge or larger.

* I'm asked a lot about what choke I recommend. I recommend a Modified or Full choke. 

*Shot size  -  #1 or larger in a 3" or 3 1/2" Shell

* Hunting License/ Federal and state duck stamp. Free hip registration card. 

*We hunt a bit out of big snow goose spreads. We hunt ducks along with geese out of these massive spreads on occasion. With that said, if you have a white hoodie or a white jacket, bring it along for the trip. We have tyvek suits available at the lodge and we have our FFO white hoodies available for purchase if you want some FFO swag.

*Sunglasses. Being out in the wide open in the Arkansas flatland's can be tough on your eyes, and for me, can cause a pretty good headache. Do keep in mind to bring a pair that is not real loud in color. Black or brown works great.

* Adult beverages. We want you guys to have a great time on your Waterfowl vacation, but we do not provide alcohol of any kind. There is a Liquor store about 5 miles from lodge though. (Arkansas does not sell Alcohol on Sunday's)


Your Guide

Derick Carter

You can just call him WOOD. Like a lot of guys in this area, Derick started guiding shortly after graduating high school. He is a big asset to this operation and he knows how to get the job done. He is a full-time guide for FFO, and will be involved in some way with the day to day business. 


Your Guide

Shannon May 

Also known as MAYFLY. Shannon works in the Steel business as a salesman, but he is a hardcore waterfowl guy. Growing up in Walcott, Arkansas, he's been hunting this area since he was a young boy.  Shannon has a vast understanding of farming and land management. He is also our groups Macgyver. When it comes to building or fixing something, he's our go to guy.   


Your Guide

 Will Dingler  

Will is from Atlanta,Ga. He has been a part of our operation going on 11 years. Willy is always all smiles and ready to go shoot something in the FACE, as he likes to say. Will is a concrete man most of the year, but he spends a lot of his winter helping around the lodge, scouting, putting out and picking up spreads of decoys, and helping out with groups of hunters.


Your Guide

Jamison Wade

JABO as we like to call him, is a one of a kind. One of the funnest guys you could ever be around. Jamison is the Product Manager for Helena seed and chemical, and lives in Murray, Kentucky. This guy has a crazy schedule for sure selling seed and chemical to farmers in his area, helping around his family farm, and a full time husband and dad to 3 beautiful children. He still finds time to guide around 10 days a year for FFO, and we just love having him around. Cannot say enough about this guy, just a blessing to have around. 


Your Guide

TJ Hedge 

I am the owner of Falling Feather Outdoors along with my wife, Kristen Hedge. We have 2 teenage children, Layne and Addison.

Born and raised in Paragould, AR, I started guiding right here in this area at 18 years old. I own and operate Hedges Auto Sales Inc with my brother and mom, but my passion is waterfowl.  A few things about me you should know, I do not guide for the money! I guide because I love to meet new people and I love to show off the talents that the Lord has blessed me with. Some people have been blessed with beauty, wealth, fame or something else unique, but me... I am just good at "TALKING DUCKS AND GEESE INTO GIVING UP."


All of these guys above are like brothers to me, and I am very blessed to have each one of them as guides. It takes an army to pull off what we do day in and day out, but they get up every day and give it 100% each day.  

Rich N Tone boys hunting with us

Check out this great video when Jimbo came down and shared a tree with us. It was a privilege to have them in camp. 

High water river Mallards

Woo Boy! We love standing by a tree and shooting mallards in the FACE!

Thanksgiving hunt with family and friends

The video is a little grainy, but you get the point. We had a lot of fun that day.



Contact Us

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Falling Feather Outdoors

805 North 74th St. Paragould, AR 72450 US

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